RHBMesh.net    Community Wireless Broadband for Residents and Visitors to Robin Hood's Bay

Visitors : Getting connected

It is very easy to connect to our mesh. There are really only three steps :

  • Check that your laptop is capable of connecting (most modern ones are)
  • Look for the signal and connect to the network
  • Phone up one of a number of local numbers to purchase a user name and password

How much will it cost

Our current rates for visitor temporary access are :

  • 1 day : £3
  • 3 day : £5
  • 7 day : £10

What Do I need

You will need a laptop and Wi-Fi adapter (unless of course you have lugged your home computer and 23“ screen on holiday with you - in which case you are still welcome to connect, but don't ask us to carry it back up the hill for you !).

Almost every new laptop sold in recent years has Wi-Fi already built-in, Windows and Macs alike. If you have one of these machines, you can skip to the next section. On laptops running XP or Vista, look for a Centrino logo on the case, or a reference to Wi-Fi 802.11b or g in your laptop specifications or you can check to see if you have built-in Wi-Fi by opening the Network Connections Control Panel,

and looking for a "Wireless Network Connection". under the LAN or High-Speed Internet heading. The Control Panel will tell you the name of your adapter, and also if it is presently enabled or disabled. If it's disabled, double-click on it to enable it. On Mac laptops, check for an AirPort heading on the Network Preferences panel, or the AirPort icon (four rays) toward the right of the menu bar. Make sure AirPort is turned on from this menu. If you see AirPort in Networks, but not in the menu bar, click Configure in Networks, and then check the box to show AirPort in the menu bar.

Making the Wi-Fi Connection

Once the wireless network adapter is enabled you can connect to the RHBMesh network. In Windows XP If you have followed the steps above then under "Network Tasks" where it says "View available wireless networks". If, on the other-hand you have skipped to here and that screen is not showing, then locate the wireless network icon in the system tray and right click on this, then choose "View Available Wireless Networks". This will bring up a list of Wi-Fi access points in the area. Look for the SSID of our "RHBMesh".

After you've selected "RHBMesh", click the Connect button, and the word "Connected" should appear in the above window. Close this window. You can check your connection at any time by double-clicking on the system tray icon, which brings up the Wireless Network Connection Status box. Here you'll see signal strength, throughput rate, the network SSID you are connected to, and so on. On the Mac, all this is much easier, just select the SSID from the AirPort menu and that's all there is too it.

Buying access

You now have a WiFi connection to the RHBMesh and you should find that you can use your browser to view a limited number of local sites free of charge. These include the Robin Hoods Bay Tourist Association, Bayfair etc. But in order to view other pages you will be presented wth a screen asking you to log in. To do thais you must obviously have a user name and password which you can obtain by following the instructions (or click here)

Troubleshooting Tips

If you've opened a new browser window and still don't see the login screen? Try typing a known web site address into your address bar, such as www.google.com, which should force this screen to load. You may also need to simply get closer to the access point (your signal may be too weak to connect), try near to a window, and check the signal strength using the network connection screen.


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