RHBMesh.net    Community Wireless Broadband for Residents and Visitors to Robin Hood's Bay

How To Purchase Temporary Access

Visitors to Bay are welcome to purchase temporarily access to the system for connection to the internet.

Please use the following steps :

  1. Check that you have an adequate wireless signal to 'RHB Wireless Broadband' where you intend to use your PC.
        (you should be able to access this site without payment.)

  2. Phone one of the numbers below to obtain a user name and password.
       (please bear in mind that the people listed below are volunteers, so please limit phone calls to reasonable times.)

  3. Arrange a method of payment with the person issueing the user name and password.
       (this can be at either one of our collection points, directly to the issues, or via PayPal.)

  4. If you elect to pay via PayPal, once you have successfully connected, please click on the link below and enter your details on the next screen. You will then be taken to the PayPal site where you can make a payment.
Phone numbers :


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